• #Slottsskogen is a gem, with its open air animal and heritage park, and I visited often back when I lived at Masthugget. Loaner #Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with Canon 85mm 1.8 with Viltrox speedbooster, and #Kodachrome film emulation.


  • Another #throwbackthursday, another lake. The last swim of the summer, at Rådasjön with an old quarry and a fake 19th century ruin! A bit different look to these as I had a different process at the time. What do you think?


  • My good friend Mats came over from Stockholm and we had some fun snapping the city (and each other). Got to put the Pen-F through it’s paces! #monochrome #bnw #bw #streetphotography:


  • One of the great things about Malmö is that cheap vegan food is always just around the corner when you need it. However, pro-tier partygoers add their own protein! #Polaroidfriday #instax


  • The darkest day of the year is near so here’s a #throwback to August and the second-to-last swim of the summer. Also an excuse to use more of that lovely Kodak Gold #filmemulation from Jamie Windsor! #throwbackthursday


  • Another one from last weekend’s visit to Jönköping, at the rather festively dressed courthouse. 85mm (120mm) 1.8 on 0.71x speedbooster. #christmas #bokeh #christmaslights #publicart


  • At da Matteo. Panasonic GM5 with 7Artisans 35mm (50mm) 1.2 and Jamie Windsor’s Tri-X film emulation. #damatteo #bnw #bw #streetphotography


  • The bike shop next door, Pedalen & Fälgen. I was a bit optimistic in regards to available light with the SX-70’s meter but I’m happy with the framing! #Polaroidfriday #bikes #bikeshop #cycling #Polaroid


  • I try to pay each Dreamhack in Jönköping a quick visit. It’s a good way to get a feeling for the state of gaming through game showcases, esports, and hardware. This 25th anniversary was bigger than ever! #dhw19 #dreamhackwinter 

  • Central IVY at the Bongo Bar in Jönköping. Walked past their outdoor gig this summer and got to give the drummer this photo straight after. #Polaroid SLR 680. #Polaroidfriday


  • #Throwbackthursday to 2007 and Christmas at #Skansen. Cosina CX-1 with cross-processed #Fuji Sensia 400. This was, and probably still is, my favorite film and camera combo.


  • Our trams are such an easy target for nighttime photography.

    Canon 85mm (120mm) 1.8 with 0.71x speedbooster, and @jamiewindsor’s Fujichrome Astia emulation. Super happy how well these chunky Canon lenses work on my MFT cameras!


  • Throwback to the first party with the Polaroid SX-70 this summer. Thanks for throwing on the lights Appz! Got a bit overconfident with the natural light so this is about a one second handheld exposure. Who says photos have to be sharp anyway.

    The first scan is from just an hour or so after taking it; the second is what it looked like the next day. I actually prefer the lower contrast and pastel colors of the “fresh” one.


  • Psyduck verkade lite ängslig på #Närcon men jag tror ändå hen uppskattade mitt och @dogboy.jpg’s fanboyande?? #instax #nofilter

  • Det kändes ett tag där som att det inte skulle bli nån roadtrip i Norge denna sommar, men det löste sig!

  • När studion vädrar semester blir det Shoreline och gammelfoto i Slottskogen #sx70

  • Mouse, USB-HDD and multitasking ALL AT ONCE :o

    Works OK! Missing Finder’s quick previews but being able to choose cursor color is the best feature ever??

  • 🦉

  • It’s been a successful day with nearly 50 students attending!

    Wish I could say that it looked this neat during the workshop but one of our Vives gave up pretty much right away (or well, the compositor software did. Yet again!) and by the end of the day two had been replaced with the ever trusty, but slightly more jittery, Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Glad I lugged all that extra hardware along for the ride!

  • Taking the early train to Stockholm but it sure makes for a fine coffee shop to work from!

    Heading there to hold a VR/AR workshop for students at NTI Gärdet. Hoping to do some live VR world creation with Unity and Google Blocks!

  • Using Cordova btw. Came across iphonedevlog.wordpress.com/2014/12/1… and spent hours trying to find working forks of some of the libraries.

    At least glad my old friend Unity automates expansion file usage!

  • Had a terrible evening stuck at the office trying to wrap my head around Play Store expansion file usage. It’s so bad. The amount of development needed to use it is way above the scope of this art project. The google library for handling it also seems pretty much abandoned??

  • Yup, watching this #spacex

  • At FOSS North!

  • The sudden change in brightness from the dark winter is messing with my mood in a big way. Like a depression that hits suddenly and (hopefully!!) leaves just as quickly.

    It happens almost every year now and is really making me hold a grudge against spring.

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